Inspection and Maintenance Packages

Operational Inspection

Looking in more detail at the condition of the equipment; providing a quality control check on the more regular inspections and identifying wear and tear on the equipment. Inspections to be carried out by an appropriately trained member of staff or alternatively by a suitably qualified specialist and will be recorded. These inspections should be carried out on a quarterly basis as a minimum.

Annual Playground Inspection

To be carried out by an independent specialist not connected with the playground operator or owner. Essentially looking at vandalism, wear and tear, long term structural problems, standards compliance and design, along with risk assessment etc. This report essentially covers the overall safety of the playground. It can also be useful to include an annual oversight of the internal procedures and documentation.

Any maintenance and repair agreement will commence after the first inspection subject to the equipment and surfacing being in reasonable condition. An inspection is required before any essential maintenance and repairs are undertaken.

Inspections must be carried out by an accredited RPII inspector.

Essential maintenance and repair cover is only applicable to products supplied and installed by Educational Play Environments Ltd during the guarantee period. For further details download our Operation and Maintenance Manual here.

Each package provides continuous cover for a period of 12 months. For termination of contract a minimum of three months’ notice is required before the last day of the agreement.


1. Improper use

2. Acts of nature / God

3. Deliberate, accidental and cosmetic damage

4. Surface staining due to mould growth

5. Defects resulting from work carried out by a third party

6. Timbers which subsequently rot due to being installed in areas that retain water or are prone to flooding

7. Subsidence caused by subsoil ground movement or shrinkage, including ground underneath surfacing

8. Issues relating to sub-bases, including edges of surfacing installed by a third party

9. Structural instability of existing surfaces

10. Damage caused by machinery or vehicles of any kind

11. If the owner fails to perform and document weekly inspections and maintenance

12. Metal components which rust due to geographical location

13. Any issues not reported within 10 days

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