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Timber Guarantee

The timber used in the manufacture of Educational Play Environments timber play equipment is supplied in one of two grades –

• Specially selected, air dried Pine produced from sustainable European forests.
• Radiata Pine, dried and produced from sustainable Southern Hemisphere forests.

All timber is pressure treated against wet rot, dry rot and insect infestation with a 10 year guarantee on European Pine and a 15 year guarantee on Radiata Pine.

Being a natural product, timber will inevitably react to the conditions that it is faced with. In the instance of cracking (or as it is technically termed ‘shaking’) the timber reacts to the moisture content within the air.

During a particularly dry period the moisture that the timber retains will evaporate and the timber contracts naturally (causing ‘shaking’). Similarly, during prolonged periods of wet weather the moisture will be re-absorbed by the timber, and the cracks will close up as it expands. Even if shaking occurs around bolt fixings, do not be alarmed, as this should not affect the structural integrity of the unit.

Any shaking that does occur shall only be deemed a problem if it created an entrapment, as outlined in the European standards (BS1176). Cracks up to but not exceeding 8mm are deemed acceptable.

The varying species of softwoods that are used in our timber playground equipment all react differently when faced with changing weather conditions. Some are more prone to shaking than others, but we can guarantee that they will all “breathe” in this way over the course of the seasons, and this is a perfectly natural occurrence.

The preservative treatment can only penetrate the sapwood content of the timber and not the heartwood. Although the heartwood has a natural resilience to rot and insect infestation, a high heartwood content can potentially result in premature deterioration before its guaranteed life time. This does not affect the guarantee and any timber suffering from premature failure would be replaced as per the guarantee time scale for that particular species.

The above guarantees do not include any cosmetic issues, e.g. cracks, scratches fading colours or any discolouration due to weathering, and are only valid if the applicable items have been maintained and inspected in accordance with EPE instructions, and have not been subjected to any misuse, neglect or accident. Any damage resulting from vandalism, abnormal use, incorrect installation or lack of maintenance is not covered by this guarantee.

Rope Guarantee

All rope products are guaranteed for a period of 2 years. Guarantees are for manufacturing defect/fault only, and are not applicable to general wear and tear, or vandalism.

Plastic Guarantee

Densetec High Density Polyethylene Sheets are guaranteed for a period of 10 years specifically against cracking, splitting and delamination caused by defects in the sheet manufacture. This guarantee does not include defects caused by any form of mis-use or vandalism and excludes fair wear and tear. HDPE Sheets are also manufactured with a standard 5 Year UV protection package. Please note: This is NOT a 5 year guarantee against fading due to sunlight and UV rays, but an indication of the level of protection that the sheets offer as standard.

Spring Products Guarantee

Spring products are guaranteed for a period of 5 years specifically against mechanical failure caused by bad workmanship or material defects. This guarantee does not include defects caused by any form of mis-use or vandalism and excludes fair wear and tear.

Electronics Guarantee

PlayTronic and electronic panel speakers, sound chips and circuit boards are guaranteed for a period of 3 years specifically against electronic failure caused by manufacturing defects.

This guarantee does not include failure as a result of any form of mis-use, vandalism or neglect including, but not limited to a failure to follow the battery replacement guide, the troubleshooting guide and the care, maintenance and cleaning instructions for the electronics units.

Thermoplastic Ground Graphics Guarantee

Thermoplastic ground graphics are guaranteed for a period of 1 year against poor installation or material lifting. All installation guarantees are subject to surface condition which is why we always recommend an ‘On Site Survey’ prior to an order being placed. Once the graphics are down you can expect these to last for many years to come.

Installations and Sub-bases Guarantee

Ground works installed by ourselves are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from that date of installation. No allowances will be made for any drainage work or subsidence prevention measures unless these have been specifically included in the scope of works.

Wet Pour Guarantee

Wet pour surfaces in black are guaranteed for a period of 3 years from date of installation and in colour for a period of 5 years from date of installation.

We do not accept liability for:-

• Fair wear and tear due to normal usage
• Damage caused by vandalism, misuse or lack of maintenance
• Puncture damage howsoever caused
• Any issues arising from subsidence, heave, landslip or other ground conditions beyond our control
• Any damage caused by the removal of graffiti or the use of improper cleaning materials
• Changes of colour due to light degradation
• Variations in shade or pigment of coloured surfaces
• Release of pigment from re-cycled product
• Non adherence at edges to organic or bio degradable materials
• Surface staining or mould growth due to organic or biological agent present in the atmosphere
• Excessive wear of the surface below moving equipment or points of access/egress where the company’s guidelines on the installation of wear pads has not been followed
• Any damage caused by force majeure
• Discolouration or debonding due to leeching from substrates not installed by ourselves

Where new wet pour is to join existing wet pour we will make every effort to ensure adhesion. However, we cannot guarantee adhesion due to the differing rates at which the wet pour expands and contracts.

EPE will not guarantee the adhesion of wet pour safety surfacing to any other edges apart from PCC (pre-cast concrete) edges.

This includes (but is not limited to) the following;

• Timber Edges
• Cut and Chase Edging Detail
• Aluminium Edges
• Steel Edges
• Block Paver Edges
• Plastic Edges

Black EPDM is a recycled rubber product emanating primarily from the automotive industry and as such contains carbon and other compounds which may stain susceptible materials. For this reason, we do not recommend this product be laid in areas intended for use by toddlers and young children who may crawl/sit on the surface.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the thicknesses quoted for are sufficient for the critical fall height of the equipment that it is to serve.

Rubber Mulch Guarantee

Rubber mulch is guaranteed for a period of 5 years on the integrity of the installed surface as follows:

• It will maintain its integrity for use as a safety surface, pathway or leisure surface for at least five years from the date of installation. Light shedding of dislodged rubber shreds is expected. Mechanical or deliberate damage is not covered.
• There shall be no problems caused by organic growth through the mulch surface. Surface growth is not covered.
• The pigment will remain sealed onto the rubber shreds without significant migration of carbon to the surface. Surface grime or atmospheric contamination is not covered.
• EPE use UV stable pigments and have oven tested the finished product so that we have industry leading colours available. However, colour will always remain subjective so changes in colour tone are not considered under warranty claims.
• There are no formal maintenance requirements or routine procedures needed to maintain the integrity of the surface or for the warranty to remain valid. Any cleaning of the surface or removal of growth etc. is purely at the discretion of the user for aesthetic reasons only.
• In the unlikely event that repairs are needed; liability is limited to re-establishing the integrity of the surface as fit for purpose only. We cannot accept complaints based purely on aesthetics nor can we consider claims for consequential loss.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the thicknesses quoted for are sufficient for the critical fall height of the equipment that it is to serve.

Artificial Grass Guarantee

Artificial grass surface is guaranteed for a period of 7 years on:

• Abnormal wastage symptoms
• Durability against weather influences such as UV-Radiation, temperature, humidity, rot and mould.
• Water permeability

The guarantee coverage will commence on the date of substantial completion of the installation site and continues from that date.

Emphatically excluded are all damages caused directly or indirectly by factors that are out of the responsibility and influence of EPE.

This guarantee is only valid as to defects caused by the use and/or processing of materials.

No damages and defects are guaranteed when caused by:

• Using the surface for other aims than landscape and play purposes
• Mechanical damage, vandalism, abuse, neglect, deliberate act, accident, disaster or casualty
• Insufficient and/or wrong maintenance

The claim to the guarantee can only be made in relation to defects of materials and the Artificial Grass construction of the Artificial Grass surface and will never go beyond repairs or replacements or removal of parts of or the entire Artificial Grass surface and this exclusively to be judged by EPE.

The claim shall never exceed the original sales price of the materials, excluding costs of the removal provided by EPE.

When replacement of the parts of the Artificial Grass system or of the entire Artificial Grass surface will take place, same will be done against calculation of a reasonable indemnification for the use since the date of delivery and/or installation and will be adjusted by mutual agreement.

The claim to the guarantee expires when without a previous written consent of EPE one has proceeded to repair and/or replacement. In case that the principal EPE, are at odds both parties will accept a domestic notified body as an independent expert.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the thicknesses quoted for are sufficient for the critical fall height of the equipment that it is to serve.

Grass Mat Guarantee

Grass mat is guaranteed for a period of 10 years from date of supply.

The guarantee extends to complete free of charge replacement of mats which prove to have suffered material failure within the 10 year period.

Grass Mats are guaranteed against faulty raw materials and product manufacture only, for a period of 10 years under the following schedule, and this guarantee is invalidated if:

• Grass Mats are not installed to the recommended installation guidelines of EN1176-7.
• Aftercare & Maintenance has not been completed satisfactorily.
• Evidence of the date of purchase and the relevant invoice cannot be produced.
• Solvents, oil-based or petroleum chemicals have been in contact with the tiles.

Failure due to the following is not covered by this guarantee:

• Vandalism, mistreatment during use, installation or in transportation.
• Fair wear and tear.
• Damage by mechanical machinery.
• Carbon black release.
• Shrinking and curling due to incorrect installation.
• Erosion due to excessive wear i.e. around swings and roundabouts.

Grass matting should be inspected routinely and any rubbish or debris removed from the surface. The grass should be mowed on a regular basis using a conventional rotary petrol mower or similar, a strimmer may be required to reach into inaccessible places or around posts, but care should be taken to avoid damage to the structure of the matting.

Monitor for signs of subsidence and areas where there is limited grass growth. This may occur in areas of heavy use resulting in compaction of the soil and may also indicate that the critical fall height may have been compromised. If this should occur, we may recommend the Grass Matting is reinstated. This will involve the lifting or removal of the matting in the critical areas and the ground being re-leveled. The area can then be re-turfed or seeded before the matting is re-laid.

Notes and Exclusions

All the above guarantees do not cover failure, damage or deterioration due to the effects of abnormal use, lack of maintenance, vandalism, incorrect installation by others, excessive wear and tear, exposure to sea front conditions or high pollution levels.

EPE will repair or replace any such defective part free of charge. The option to either repair or replace is at the discretion of EPE. A part is covered for the original guarantee period. Once a guarantee period elapses the guarantee on any replaced or repaired part also expires.

All Educational Play Environments products must be maintained in accordance with EPE maintenance instructions and all guarantees are limited. Copies are available on request.

• Guarantee does not entitle the customer to a complete new product due to a defective component.
• Acts of vandalism, fair wear and tear and improper use of the equipment are excluded.
• All warranties are based on the equipment being inspected and maintained in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and BSEN1176.
• Any issues arising from subsidence or heave of sub bases installed by others is excluded.
• Damage caused by the use of improper cleaning materials is excluded.
• Some variation in shade or pigment on coloured wet pour surface is normal, as is some change in colour due to light degradation.
• Some release of pigment on wet pour is expected.
• Shrinkage on wet pour surfaces can occur and up to 10mm is considered acceptable, where shrinkage above this that is deemed to be due to the failure to remove organic materials or movement of the bases supplied by others is excluded.
• Timber is a natural product. Whilst every care is taken to select materials with least potential for cracking, cracks up to but not exceeding 8mm are deemed acceptable.
• Damage due to mechanical maintenance equipment (mowers etc.) is excluded.
• Surface staining due to mould growth is excluded.

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